Lakeshore Rush: LIVE at the Fine Arts Building

I'm really looking forward to performing again with Lakeshore Rush, my new Pierrot-style ensemble. Don’t miss this opportunity to see us LIVE at the Fine Arts Building on Friday, November 21 at 8pm!

Works performed:

Mason Bates – The Life of Birds
Marc Mellits – Platter of Discontent
Mason Bates – Difficult Bamboo

Both composers we’re featuring have a Chicago connection. Bates is the composer in residence at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Mellits teaches at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Come hear the unique sounds of these fascinating composers!

The Life of Birds is comprised of a collection of miniatures, which explore different aspects of an aviary. Various birdcalls are passed between each instrument. Bates incorporates frequent syncopation and jazz styles throughout.

Platter of Discontent has whimsically titled movements such as “Paranoid Cheese” and “The Seduction of Brie”. Described as a post-minimalist, Mellits employs mixed meters, repetition, and the color of each instrument to create new aural soundscapes. Elements of rock make this piece one of our favorites!

Difficult Bamboo was commissioned by the CSO last year. Eerie, minimalist sections transform into energetic, wild sections that depict an aggressive species of running bamboo invading a landscape. As far as we know, we’re the first group to perform this piece without a conductor. Exciting!!

Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Plan to stay after and meet the ensemble at a wine & cheese reception. Cheers!

Listen to clips and find more info on our website. Hope to see YOU there!!